Breast Cancer Treatment - Advanced Detection & Therapies

The goals of therapy are to prolong life while at the same time maintaining a good quality of life. Chemotherapy, hormone therapy, or targeted therapy along with surgery or radiation, can kill any cancer cells. Most people with breast cancer will need surgery on their affected breast or breasts. Due to the widespread application and efficacy of surgery in breast cancer treatment, the surgeon has a crucial role in the treatment planning. Taking into account the tendency to personalized cancer care and the heterogeneity of breast cancer, the surgeon has to be aware of the prognostic and predictive characteristics of breast cancer. In adults, hormones which are non-genotoxic, increase breast cancer risk by increasing selective cell proliferation and thus number of target cells and the risk of retention of spontaneous somatic mutations, While a pregnancy stimulates the growth of already malignant cells or cells close to malignant transformation the dominating long-term protection occurs due to permanent structural changes, terminal differentiation and perhaps decreased cell proliferation and carcinogen-binding in combination. Immunotherapy is just one of several individualized, personal medical approaches to combating cancer and it will boost the body’s immune system to fight cancer naturally with its own defenses. Sensitive laboratory tests can detect cells that have broken away from tumors and are circulating in the bloodstream of women who have or have had breast cancer. These tests can be used to help predict which patients are at a higher risk of having their cancer return. They could also be used to help determine if breast cancer treatments are being effective.

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