Breast Cancer and Targeted Therapy

Targeted cancer therapies are treatments that target specific characteristics of cancer cells, such as a protein that allows the cancer cells to grow in a rapid or abnormal way. Targeted therapy is a cancer treatment that uses drugs. It is different from traditional chemotherapy. The drugs are known as targeted therapy help stop cancer from growing and spreading. They work by targeting specific genes or proteins. These genes and proteins are found in cancer cells or in cells related to cancer growth, like blood vessel cells. Targeted therapy is sometimes referred to as molecularly targeted drugs, molecularly targeted therapies, or precision medicine. Its development starts with identifying good targets, which means agents that are crucial for the process of cancer cell growth and survival. This can be done by measuring the levels of a protein in cancer cells compared to healthy cells. The different types of targeted therapy are divided into subtypes. Hormone therapies are used to slow or stop the growth of hormone-sensitive tumors, which means that the drugs disable the body’s capacity to produce the hormones needed for the cancer to grow or that it disrupts the hormones’ action. The cancer cells tend to become resistant to targeted therapy, making it no longer effective. Therefore, the results of targeted therapy are often better when it is used as combined therapy with chemotherapy drugs.

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